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PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:30 pm
by mict044
For those within reach of Ottawa / Arnprior area - About Arnprior fly in breakfast


For those within reach of Ottawa / Arnprior area who might be interested in doing flight to Arnprior fly in breakfast with use.

It is on the last minute, I know, but miss weather has been changing her mind a lot lately.
We did this flight from Carp to Arnprior breakfast a few years ago and it was fun.
With my Lazair 1 itÂ’s about a 1 hour flight each way.

I will be flying my Lazair from Carp to Arnprior this Sunday for the breakfast.
Bill might fly his, if it is ready to fly then.

If any one wants to join use let me know.
- my son is willing to ferry gas to Arnprior & Carp.
- I have the Carp EAA hanger this weekend in case some one would like to trailer there Lazair to Carp and assemble for flight to Arnprior.