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PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2004 2:44 pm
by Shannon
What kind of wings are on this plane ??? Anyone want to guess ?

PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2004 3:16 pm
by lazairiii
Put some upswept wing tips on her and you have a match. Look at those aileron pushrods too...a dead giveaway.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2004 4:07 pm
by Shannon
Another one.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 3:20 pm
by Ray
I would hope those are not actual Lazair wings.....they would surely fail with such a heavy beast hanging from them.

Similar design though at first glance.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 3:34 pm
by Shannon

PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 9:32 pm
by daffy1029
Hi Shannon,
Is this one of those Yarrow Arrows? I was driving through Chilliwack B.C. years ago and noticed one of these planes. What they were doing were taking Lazair wings, beefing them up and building new fuselages for them, then sell them. I had mixed emotions about this when I saw this. They knew what a good wing it was and were making a "better" airplane. but on the other hand, it meant fewer Lazairs for the future. :(

PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 9:55 pm
by Shannon
Hi Daffy,

Ahh yes, right you are. I feel the same as you that the Lazair winged Arrow was a waste of good "Lazair" wings. The Arrow was a very well thought-out design however. Much like the Lazair itself the Arrow was a bit ahead of its time. In any case it goes to show what a remarkable wing the Lazair has. Take a read at the Ultimate G-rating of a stock Lazair wing. Talk about a strong wing.