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Postby huronflyer » Tue Jul 22, 2008 10:26 am

We got down that is goal number two:


I did what I usually do not do is fly when its breezy - and to top it off it was the first flight of the year.
BTW "Big Bay" is not far off and I need some airtime - it had been a year.

I took of around 8 am after doing about 5 minutes of driving on the taxiway.

My plan was to remain in the circuit however, when I was taking off a Caravan was on an approach from the east, so I told him I would fly south until he was clear...
one thing led to another and I was halfway to Lake Huron, so what the hay lets fly over the North Channel (no GPS on board this time to notice ground speed). I flew up the shore a ways past the yacht club...
when I turned for home I did not need the GPS to tell me I could bicycle almost as fast!
Thank the Good Lord I put almost a full load of fuel in the tank (thinking about flying to a friends cottage), because I would need it to make it home.
Nowhere down there to land except with the moose in the swamps.

I may add the second tank like Bill Reed and Rob Kerr.

I did a long final to set up for my first landing of the year; she started to sink like hell over the little ponds on the way in (plus some mechanical turbulence over the hill - which I cleared.
I had added FULL throttle but she was sinking so fast I wondered if we would clear the hill!
As I crossed the threshold on a diagonal to play cute with the winds, it became apparent my main
concern was not slamming in. We kept her mostly straight, but I added some pwr to stop any ground loop we are airborne again "tally ho".

So it was a combo fun flight, squeeze the butt. Now that it is in the book, stick to the plan.

Dave H.
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