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Postby Wayne » Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:38 am

This is a reason for why the crack in the F2 is happening. when fitting the F2 with the P4 attached there's only one way to get it back off when the other F3=P4 is fitted and the P4 is binding on the T5 so tight that a bit of persuasion is needed to get the P4 into the T5 and back out again to aliegn the hinge assembly on the ailerons, even after filing the P4 to fit, the P4 locks into the T5 and again a hammering on the F2 to get it back out again is needed, the end result is a number of bends in the F2 from the removal and straighten each time causing what I beleive to be the cause of these cracks from an over stressed F2 during fittment, you will be able to see the bend by putting a straight edge to the F2 however if the F3 was hammered it may not be as easy to see the bend I suspect the F3 is longer and easier to hammer out so its a good place to start, if the F3 is bent perhaps you may want to replace it?

The F3 in this pic is a new one I made from 6061 T6 .80th, and the F2 has been beaten a few times in an attempt to get it out of the T5, see more aileron wear problems on the rivets in 'Wing construction' in Building and tips.
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