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PostPosted: Sun Jun 06, 2004 4:25 pm
by xgary
ozzie well said,

plus no one sits at pc in this weather :rolleyes:

PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2004 10:52 am
by Guest
I think this a terrible idea all the way around for a plenitude of reasons !

If you are lucky enough to have a Lazair fix it up original and fly it off of wheels ! You will have a load of fun for cheap.

Otherwise get yourself a "disposable""higher power" "fat" "parts available" UL of some type that can haul gear, beer, fish. Plenty of those around.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2004 11:08 pm
by Guest
Sounds like wisdom. Any suggestions in particular?

PostPosted: Tue Jun 08, 2004 4:40 pm
by ozzie
this texas flyer guy would be your best source of info i think.. i would look at somthing that is made mostly from fibreglass. time to hop in the car and visit a few airports and clubs see what the locals fly and prefer. local knowledge is best. talk to people and see what and where they fly. thats the best help i can give you .good luck

PostPosted: Tue Jun 08, 2004 5:56 pm
by xgary
here what u need for fishing dude


lol lazair would become a lazyUnAnnodizedcorrodingpos in no time

PostPosted: Tue Jun 08, 2004 10:09 pm
by Shannon
I'd have to agree with Shorty. More than likely operating a Lazair in salt water would be a bad thing. Humid climate is bad enough.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 09, 2004 10:54 pm
by Guest
For the waters that interest me, you would need something with a flatter hull and a tunnel. But I've been there and done that. On the Texas coast, it's fairly common for a tail dragger to fly up and down the beach looking for fish, land on the beach, fish and then head home. I'm thinking fishing the flats the same way would be productive and combine the fun of fishing with the fun of flying. I have read about Buffett doing it in South Florida but his budget is a little larger than mine. Even at that, i figure an ultralight would be a more effective platform for this effort than the larger float planes?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 09, 2004 10:58 pm
by Guest
To make sure I'm being clear, the flatter hull and a tunnel comment referred to the pictured boat. And I sure wouldn't want to abuse a Lazair or anything else, but what should I be looking at?