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Postby Guest » Mon Jul 04, 2005 3:29 am

Chappy @ Jul 1 2005, 11:16 PM wrote:

"It's all John Nagy's fault"

True enough John would not provide any information or evidence whatsoever to show he had sourced new TUT20BG3. From good sources it was learned that he would not respond e-mails on the subject. This would lead one to speculation such as:

1. John sourced wrong grade of material (many types).
2. John did not want to reveal his source.
3. John did not know the exact grade of the material.
4. John was selling old material left from factory stock

For not clearing this up, Yeah damn right it is his fault. People would like to know "for sure" what they have on their wings. Reasonable enough I think.

Postby rayjb60 » Tue Jul 05, 2005 2:49 pm

I concur on the "anonymous posts" I do not communicate with these people, because they are simply blowing BS most of the time.....and I group them all together as non-flying uninformed boneheads, and hence give no credibility to their rantings.

The Nagy thing has gone on far to long.....and anyone that does a bit of homework will realize that they are taking their chances with him.

I bought from him knowing that this source may be a bit of a risk, and overlooked the reputable other source of Tedlar from, to save a couple bucks.

In retrospect I should have supported the reputable dealer regardless of cost, and ended up buying new tedlar tape from Aerofalcon as well to replace the other stuff, so it ended up costing me more in the long run.

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