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Postby LAZAIR 4 EVER » Sun May 28, 2006 5:35 pm

I am currently rebuilding my LAZAIR III.
I was thinking I wouldn't have much work to do on my wings.
Wrong!!!... I ended up having to untwitst my wing tips as the tip incidance on D-cells were way off from straight. The D-cell had been wraped around the spar and ribs and this on both wings, with a wrongly located bent radius on the leading edge which maid my spars shift and twist and maid the incidance way off.
When I went to buy this plane I was told that the last guy who did fly the plane,realy scared himself.
No wonder!!!
I will soon put some picture on my web site and on this forum to show you what this looked like when wrong and than corrected and most of the prosedures I followed.
At first. I was seeing all this as someting fairly complicated. But once I had the D-cells opended up and understood how they were maid and what maid them twist. I kind of realised that it wouldn't be that hard to make new ones. So I cam up with the idea that I could offer D-cells to people that needs them.
Ho!!! Don't worry This is pretty much what I do for a living . I build airplanes for people that buy kitplanes. Some of you will probably say this was nothing major and that there are planes flying with wing in worrst condisions. But to me, good is not enought. I want the best when it comes to airplanes.
I realy like the way de D-cells are maid and it is just a mather of starting straight and having good jiggs.So!! This is my question: Is anyone out there that needs new D-cells.Let my know!
I already took tamplats of each foam ribs.I could also make the other long ribs.
I will probably build myself a set of D-cells for my own bird anyway.
Keep in touche guys.
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Postby Chappy » Sun May 28, 2006 11:44 pm

Oh Yes, John, I would really like to see pictures of this.

You know the D-cell spars assemblies were built in jigs at the factory, right? If your spars are weird, they must be poorly rebuilt or unfaithfully replicated somewhere along the line for this plane. Is the washout correct in these wings??? Do you have a factory assembly manual to make these checks?

If I were you, I wouldn't use these wings for templates to build new wings for anyone!


PS. What's the address of your website?
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Postby xgary » Mon May 29, 2006 4:43 am

Great Idea,

Show us some pics and of the problem D cells.

D- cells for sale ?

How much etc ?

Shorty .............
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Postby LAZAIR 4 EVER » Thu Jun 01, 2006 12:46 pm

Dear chappy! DearShorrty! Thank you! for the interest your showing. My washouts were OK till I got to compare Manuel assembly with the wing tips and what made me worry was that both were different from one another and they also looked twisted.
A sheer web that is not square and straight is a wrong picture to me.
I am sure that they were maid at the company.But as I have #910 they probaly slaped it togetther so fast to get rid of it that they didn't worry about twisted spares
I have the manuel for model Three.So I can check my wasout.
As for new spares I will have to get an idea of what the materiel would cost first than establish a retail price.
it would mainly be to get wings to the ones that needs them badly.
Nothing is free in this world.
But if one could get is bird back in the air from finding a place to get new D-cells. That would be a start.
I have no idea how to put an image on this forum ....DHHHAAAAA!!!!!!
Computers are another world to me .
But! I get by with a little help from my friend!

I will work it out and get some pictures for you on this forum.
Thanks to all!
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