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Postby russell » Thu Sep 07, 2006 8:34 am

Shannon, the series I is the only Lazair I have flown so I have no idea how the others perform. To my knowledge I have never put mine in a "mush" condition so I probably wouldn't know how to recover. I did; however, have full power prior to the event along with full forward stick during, but in the excitement of the situation I didn't think to shift my weight. This is the model with the 1 gal. fuel tank and the balance falls within the specified range set forth in the assembly manual (flown for years in this configuration) so I will have to eliminate this from the possible causes. I did not inspect the plane closely after the crash but I did note that the ailerons and the ruddervators are still operable. The fitting that connects the front down tube that runs from the front of the boom to the cluster of merging frame tubes at the nose was broken, but I would be more inclined to think that the crash caused this because this fitting has never been subjected to any abnormal stress. As for a broken BE, I'd probably think that BP would be more fitting (Bad Piloting)!

The most likely culprit here is the plane being put into a situation that it was on the limits of it's capabilities and the pilot making all the wrong movements to overcome it.

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