Dale's glider crash

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Postby angelica14709 » Sun May 27, 2007 7:58 pm

I was at the Harris Hill Soaring Center 5/27/07 and found out about Dale's glider crash.
Members of the HHSC have visited Dale at home and find him in positive sprits ready to go when he heals up. One member was marveling at the size of the leg cast with pins. Dale will have time to look at this site so leave a message.

Don Kaake

This from soaringcanada.rig.ca Somewhere around Apr. 17, 2007

It is with great sadness I report Dale is being treated in a Cumberland Maryland hospital for non-life threatening injuries from an outlanding in West Virginia.

It is not my place to report such things, but I believe his friends will want to know where Dale is if they had heard of the incident. There are press reports on the web.

I spoke to a hospital emergency staff person this hour and Dale will likely be moved soon to intensive care. I suggested to them that if I posted an address here it may prevent many calls to a busy place.
Bob Lepp
To clarify.. the full body MRI done after tte accident revealed he had a pre-eisting aneurism which could have ruptured at any time. The repair was a 'stent' inserted without major surgeery, through a leg artery, I was told this past weekend.

Amazing, and a positive outcome!
Bob Lepp

Lynne and I visited Dale in Cumberland Memorial Hospital last night and he was in good spirits and comfortable waiting to be transported to the care of an orthopaedics specialist in Pittsburgh. He suffered a clean break to the humerus of his left arm and another to his femur. He also has a number of breaks in his left tibia and fibula above the ankle and some minor frost bite issues. Almost three hours into a world record attempt flight Dale was forced down by a strong rotor at the top of the ridge close to Snowy Mountain in West Virginia at the south end of the Knobblies. He was able to cell phone his approximate position to John Good who was flying the task with Dale. John landed at Bedford and joined the rescue team, John's assistance and advice to the rescue team was instrumental in locating Dale. Dale, ever resourceful analyzed his situation as it unfolded during the approximately 24 hours he waited for his rescuers. For most of this period he was trapped in the fuselage wreckage which was lying on its left side and he was unable to remove his left foot from the rudder pedal. Despite these impediments to his mobility and compromised by his injuries he managed to stay awake and active. He dug a hole with his free hand under his injured arm to alleviate the pressure from having to lie on it. He managed to pop his parachute and fashioned it into a rudimentary tent which sheltered him from the 50 mph winds and blowing snow. He also spent time tinkering with salvaged parts trying to cobble together some alternative power to his cell phone.

On April 05, 2007 Dale flew from Spruce Creek north of Altoona, PA to Lutterel near Knoxville, TN for a maximum 3 turn point distance of 1637 km. He was attempting a 2,222 km flight on Monday which was to include the whole length of the Allegheny ridge system from Williamsport to Lutterel. These flights have been completed before but not in a Standard Class glider.
Andy Gough

This from Tom Knauff's newletter:

Here is an interesting response to my recent newsletter regarding life-threatening damage discovered to the aorta after a serious accident:
I really enjoy you news letters. I saw your comment about a pilot having damage repaired to his aorta. The accident may have saved his life is a possibility. However I have heard of this same situation a half dozen or more times. It is possible the damage was a result of the accident. The reclined position pilots sit in and the shock they might endure might move organs around on the inside. It might be worth a post to encourage anyone involved in a significant incident to get themselves checked closely.
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Good report and thanks .

Hopefully Dale will be back at it soon.
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