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Postby ozzie » Tue Feb 17, 2004 3:09 am

even though my Lazair is still a little way from flying, i have to start giving some consideration on obtaining the revelant info to get my aircraft legal. as it flew and pranged before certification here in Australia, the aircraft has no history as far as the dept., is concerned. The required info needs to be a bit on the teckie side. So if anyone has submitted any thing like this to the department in your country would they please consider posting it so i can use it as a guide. Structual test results will be rather helpful.even though several Lazairs are on the ultralight register here they won't accept a package that was submitted from another aircraft (??). so i will have to write it from scratch. at least i have the Cof G info as that is a good start (posted on this site). i also need a Pioneer engine manual. i have all the assembly manuals and updates ect but lack the mylar/tedlar how to cover part. Thanks in advance. OZZIE
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