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PostPosted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 7:07 pm
by huronflyer
For anyone disturbed by cockpit noise and cannot afford big bucks of big league noise reduction, here is a suggestion from a pilot:

Forget all those suggestions of (expensive) Active Noise Reduction headsets. Sure
they will help, but nowhere near as good as a pair of good in-ear noise-reduction
headphones like the Shure E2C, which will cost you a tenth as much. Just
pop your ordinary headset over the top, for even more noise reduction and of
course to hold the microphone.
I nearly gave up learning to fly because I suffered tinitus for a week after every
flight, even in a "quiet" aeroplane. Now I fly my noisy Kolb in comfort, with
the knowledge that I have less noise in my ears
than even the most expensive
Sennheiser set.

(The Shure E2C is discontinued, but they offer others check site.)