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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 4:57 am
by chrisj81
Getting kinda desperate had a deal with a guy on a 2 place quicksilver but turns out its part of an unsettled estate may be months till its available and I want something to get into the air ASAP would prefer a two place mainly for when I finsh my private license (next month) but willing to look at anythin availabale must be under $6000. range I know that limits my possibillities but oh well gotta do.
Chris Johnson

PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 12:57 pm
by lazairiii

There are a few available now (Single seat though). Some ready to fly, where others will need work. So depending on your time and dollars, you can choose.

Where are you located?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 1:16 am
by chrisj81
I would be interested in even a single seat at this time so long as it is not major damage I can handle it. Question and I am sure this has been asked and I probably already know the answer what kind of mods can be if any to improve the performance of these machines i.e. adding additional engines, cargo compartments. I'm sure its unlikely but is there anyway to possibly have an A&P convert one of these to a two place (safely) I am a bit of a safety freak so if its not possible then I wouldnt even try but just kinda wondered.
I am Central Alabama just outside of Montgomery willing to travel in order to view whtaever might be available. I know this is a lot but your help is very much appreciated.
Thanks Chris Johnson

PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 9:56 am
by Don
Hi Chris,
Welcome to the group. A single to two place conversion is possible but not practicle. If you go back through the different for sale threads and sent out some e-mails I'm sure you'll find someting. There's a very nice Series II in California. Richard Erhfort might still have a Series III with JPX engines in Idaho. A little scouting and you'll find one.
Regards, Don

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 7:08 pm
by JPXman
richards machine is sold - to a guy in alberta! fast becoming the JPX province...

what are you looking to do with the lazair? its not *really* a cross-country machine, more for tooling around at 40 to 45 mph close to home. i want to do some x-country in mine but i'm installing an 8gal tank, 2gal aux tank etc etc... even with the EC i can only cruise at 50 - 55mph...

Edmonton, Alberta

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 9:14 pm
by xgary
I heard that Series 3 in London with the original pod is Almost sold.

Gotta act fast on the nice lazairs,or get bent on
for 200$ ands buy a set o new d cells from me :)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 12:48 am
by chrisj81
Thanks for all the help guys im trying to get in touch with Ray Buhr in reference to the Series II that he has I plan on trying to call him as soon as I can Ihave tried to send an email but im not sure I did correctly only problem I have with is that he his on an entirely different coast so I am trying to arrange transport he certainly has a deal with that machine though. Again thanks for the advice and anyother help is appreciated.
Chris Johnson

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 8:04 am
by xgary
Chris , There are guys that will transport your plane for you.
I had one brought up from Mississippi to Ontario CAnada a few year ago and it ws under 1000$

Let me know.