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Postby thephysicist » Fri Aug 06, 2004 1:38 pm

Hi all,

Now available: Microtim precision digital barometric altimeters.

MicroTim altimeters are not small-readout, slow-update altimeters such as in wristwatches and typical gps units. Some of the major features include:

*High precision. Registers changes in altitude of a couple of feet. Calibrated from -2000 to 20000 feet.

*Low-Power. A single 'aaa' battery last for months, and you get several DAYS of warning for low batteries to help avoid being caught on a trip with a dead battery.

*Lightweight and Portable. This standalone unit can be moved from vehicle to backpack to ultralight to snowmobile to...

*Durable. The internals are encapsulated in resin for vibration, shock and moisture resistance. Individually temperature-stress tested from -20C to +85C.

* Large easy to read numbers

* Displays msl altitude, agl altitude, or both alternately every 2 seconds

* feet/inHg or meter/kPa unit selectable

* Barometric pressure adjustable. Dial in the local altimeter setting or field elevation.

* Software upgradeable for custom requirements (such as an accurate VSI) if desired. Contact us for details.

* Real-time update rate. You don't have to wait seconds for an altitude change to register.

*Economical solution to precision altitude monitoring. $129 USD. Compare that to even a low-end three-pointer analog altimeter which is far less durable, heavier and lacks the resolution of MicroTim.

We welcome you to check MicroTim out at www.microtim.com
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