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Postby lazair » Thu Sep 22, 2005 9:09 am


Lazair twin engine ultralight project !

You will be bidding on a [ non-flyable ] Lazair project and a fully enclosed trailer made especially for this a/c.

W.O.W. !!!! just imagine being able to fly this ' multi-engine' a/c , without needing the F.A.A. ' MEL ' endorsement ..... you will be the envy of every pilot ... at your airport.

HISTORY : unfortunately, the history on this project is unknown . This package was purchased at an ' Estate' sale ,.... and the only paperwork that came with it was the Title for the trailer !! The a/c will be delivered with a Bill of Sale and a Liability Waiver Statement.

There are 2 E.A.A. ' fly-in' decals attached to a fairing dated : 1981 and 1982; so we know that this a/c was flying during those years. It is my understanding that this a/c has been in its trailer and stored inside of the owner / builder[s] garage for over the past 5 years.

Based on my experience of having rebuilt / refurbished / flown and sold 4 Experimental and 2 Ultralight aircraft [ during the past 5 years] , I would estimate that it would take me about 40 hours of labor and less than $200.00 , for parts, to make this Lazair .... safe to fly. I would
replace all elect. wiring ; s.s. guy-support wires; fuel lines ; fuel tank ; decarbon both 2 cycle engines and carbs. ; replace the spark plugs and main gear inner tubes [ they are bicycle tires and tubes] ; double check all AN hardware and re-lube all AN fittings / bearings .... and then wash it all over to make it look ' pretty ' again !!!

Both engines turn over by hand.... and with the ' pull' re-coil starter system ; both props appear to be in useable condition ; the Mylar or Tedlar clear covering , on the wings and tail-feathers ' pass' the drum-test..... and there are no rips or tears in the fabric. There is NO visible corrosion on any viewable aluminum surface. A/c fuselage , wings and tail-feathers are all undamaged indicating that this a/c has not been ' crashed' !!!

Trailer is custom made for this a/c. The frame looks like it was a single axle boat trailer... then the a/c builder simply built a fully enclosed trailer around the Lazair. The exterior covering is all aluminum / flat / ribbed sheet . The interior and floor is plywood... and the floor is covered with indoor / outdoor carpeting. The rear door folds ' down' to become the on-load / off-load ramp. Wings are supported at several [ wing] contour-cut floor stations and held in place by over-head support clamps.

Complete info. / specs. on this a/c may be obtained thru a Yahoo search.... then type in :
Lazair ultralight aircraft. You will be impressed with the amount of info. available.... and the long history on this unique ultralight.

Thank You all for your interest ..... Happy bidding.... Ron.

SPECIAL NOTE : at the request of the winning bidder , I am available deliver this package for a cost of $0.75 per round trip [ MapQuest ] mile , from Peoria , Il. , to new owners location , back to Peoria, Il. .... anywhere in the CONUSA .... or to the nearest American / Canadia border crossing station.
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Postby ozzie » Thu Sep 22, 2005 4:47 pm

being one of the lightest models this would be perfect for thermalling and ridge soaring burns only one gallon an hour at full power. ozzie
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Postby yankeflyer » Fri Sep 30, 2005 12:30 am

I just bought the plane -- looking forward to seeing it up close. This web site will help a great deal of getting up to speed with the maintenance of performance on this airplane.

I haven't flown in several years and it will be great to have my own plane again and to be back in the air. I flew out of Arlington, Washington in the middle to late 80s, in one of Jim Scott's cadets (super cadet) and I still have the engine.

I always admired the Lazairs for their control at such slow speeds. What power options are there out and about besides the Rotax. CDI is interesting and always a good idea.

The guy advertised in the eBay auction that he picked it up and at an estate sale-I hope to learn more of the airplane's history.
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Postby Guest » Sat Oct 01, 2005 1:18 pm

Hi Yankeflyer (Name?), what is your location ? There are several Lazairs near Arlington, WA.

Postby yankeflyer » Tue Oct 04, 2005 9:44 pm

Hi Shannon

I'm located in Gillette Wyoming and probably won't be able to start work on the airplane till later in the year.

I haven't flown since 96 as far as ultralights go in my general aviation ticket just had the medical go out of date about a year ago and I haven't flown or had a check ride for about a year before that. So I'm truly looking forward to be a pilot with a plane again.

The last time I was in Arlington, Washington was 1987 and Rick Moore was my mentor at the time and I understand he still is in the area.

The plane was purchased at an estate sale for Daniel R. Adye. Ron Wright, the man about the plane from could not offer much the plane's history. So I will be look in to fill in the blanks if anybody has any knowledge of Daniel R. Adye and his flying experience with the plane and its history.

Actually I'm not sure exactly what I have bought but it appears to be an early model narrow gear bicycle wheels skid plates on the tail feathers and front.

I only gave the wings the briefest inspection and did not remove him from the trailer but everything looked good (low hours\low miles) and the engines are tiny.

Anyway Elk camp starts tomorrow and I will be in the Bighorn Mountains above shared in Wyoming for the rest of the week.

I'm 56 single retired -- and every day is Saturday

Miles B. Mulloy

My avatar is a picture of me at 40 flying the Bitterroot Valley south of Missoula Montana. We would all meet up the sky divers at the bar at LoLo after a day's fun flying and skydiving at Stevensville.
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Postby ozzie » Wed Oct 05, 2005 2:39 am

Miles looks like you have an original MK1 model that had the sling seat, bike wheels and the 3 axis hooked onto the stick, no rudder pedals. it will be covered in mylar and will have the skids on the tail. the engines will be the 5.5hp pioneer chainsaw moters. it will fly ok if you are not to heavy. most of the info you will find here is on the later series models. but most is revelant. fly it as it is then as you become more expierienced with the lazair you can decide on upgrades. ozzie
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Postby Shannon » Wed Oct 05, 2005 12:33 pm

Hi Miles, thanks for the background.

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Postby yankeflyer » Tue Oct 11, 2005 2:51 pm

Hi Ozzie - Shannon, thanks for the info.

160 pounds -- well now that's going to be a problem for me -- good days I'm under 200 bad days I'm over 200.

So my question is, is the wing loading the same on all models one through three? Also the two-seater that I have seen pictures of, is that wing larger i.e. higher wing loading?

The assembly manual described as a PDF file -- I'm unable to open it for some reason any alternatives.

There's probably not much of a market for the engines that came with it -- the small pioneers. So I'll probably have to start from scratch with new engines. From what I've read so far there's been quite a variety of engine modifications and very little said about weight and balance.

I guess that's enough questions for now.

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Postby Chappy » Tue Oct 11, 2005 8:53 pm

yankeflyer @ Oct 11 2005, 03:51 PM wrote:

...So my question is, is the wing loading the same on all models one through three? Also the two-seater that I have seen pictures of, is that wing larger i.e. higher wing loading?..


...There's probably not much of a market for the engines that came with it -- the small pioneers...


If you put those little Pioneer's on E-bay, you might be surprise at what they bring. Not only are there some series I Lazair owners that are on the lookout for them, but the large scale model airplane builders seem to covet them. I've used up about a half dozen of them myself on my series I.

The wings are all basically the same. The first fifty Lazair kits used .016 inch thick skins on the D-tube spars, and were then increased to .020" skins. It made them more resistant to little dings while being assembled in the factory, and of course it did increase the overall strength of the wing too. It also made the wings stiffer in torsion, so the ailerons are a little more effective too. The series III wing is set up for the aileron push-pull tubes to attach below the wing at the lift strut, and the drag box at the root is reinforced. Many of the upgrades can, and are, incorporated by owners on their earlier planes. BTW, the earliest Lazairs had aileron cables in the wings, not push-pull tubes. Some were updated, like mine, but you can still see the extra holes in the ribs were the cables originally ran. Still, they are all basically the same. Different wing loadings are mostly a function of the pilot's weight, engines used, enclosures and floats, if fitted.

The first 2 seater prototype used the early "potato chip" (.016" spar) wings, and we made test flights in some really awful conditions without failure (and it's a good thing too because we didn't have parachutes). The wings are amazingly strong.

Chappy (Also a 56 year old series I owner).
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Postby russell » Wed Oct 12, 2005 7:08 am

Has anyone ever, or heard of anyone ever taking a different brand of chainsaw and cutting it down like Dale did (to aid those Pioneer flyers like myself)? May even be able to obtain a little more horses than the original 5.5. Chainsaws are not all that expensive especially considering the Pioneer is now a pterodactyl.

My thought exactly,
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