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Postby lazairiii » Tue Jan 03, 2006 7:47 pm

Hello all,

I hope you all had a great Holiday. During this "down time", I have taken it upon myself to manufacture some spare parts, clean others and well, generally get things ready for spring here in Utah. While building my plane I used a very capable tube bender to make some tubing to upgrade my series II kit to the factory spec wide gear with excellent results. These guys did a great job and had some tubing left over, so I had them make up a few sets of the 314/315 tubes while they were at it, the problem is that they didn't put in the nylon plugs I supplied before the bent the tubes. So they had to spring for new tubes and then made me up a couple of sets. So long story short, I have three sets of these "un-plugged" tubes that you could use if you can figure out a way to plug them, or just have them as templates if you would like to have a set around. I'd like to get $50/set plus shipping. If you are wondering exactly which tubes these are, it's the curved ones out front like the ones in the pic below.

e-mail me offline at gcurtis@excelgraphics.com if you are interested.

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