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I decided to go for the KFMs for a couple of reasons. First, they put out 25hp which should be a nice boost over the JPX. That increase in power will alow me to put floats on it (someday). I also like the idea of being able to strap in with a passenger and then start the engines. That's not a huge concern for me, but it could be more comforting to someone who doesn't fly when they're all straped into a plane and it's started without the pilot. Also, in the two place you can't reach the left engine recoil starter from the left seat for an in-flight restart. Once again, not a huge concern for me, but the KFMs eliminate that.

Probably the biggest thing for me when I was choosing an engine was keeping the plane original, or at least putting an engine on it that was available at the time. I still have it in my mind that some Konigs would look real sweet, not to mention run real smooth. In my opinion, it would look silly putting slick 2005 engine on a 1980's machine. Because of that, part availablility could be an issue, but hey, that's something that we Lazair types have to deal with all the time......bushings, brackets, Tedlar, ect. My plan for that is to attack it JPXman style, buy up what parts and engines I can!

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