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PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2006 6:10 am
by xgary
Series 3 For sale

Beautiful Lazair III with all the mods plus two spare Rotax 185's. Don't settle for a series I or II when you can have this fully debugged Series III for less money. She has 4 year old tedlar and has not been out since! Check out for further info on these great little ships. We always liked the fact that Lazairs have twin engine redundancy. I can think of only one other ultralight that has this feature and those are 40K PLUS and must be licensed. These do NOT require any type of license. My partner and I never found a place to fly it close by that didn't require you to take their training and well, one thing led to another and now he is moving so there goes our storage. These CANNOT be stored outdoors. Close as we can figure, it only has about 95 hours TT. We are the 3rd. owners of this aircraft. We have two spare Rotax 185's that came from another Lazair that had about 135 hours TT. That's 4 gutsy Rotax 185's with plenty of hours left. We have all the manuals and kit plans from day one. There are also factory snow skis that are included. This one has the folding tail option and independent disk brakes. She is a true taildragger and in groundhandling, the nosewheel doesn't come in contact with the surface unless you slam on the brakes. This makes this ship wonderfully maneuverable on the ground. The aircraft is disassembled for storage and transport at this time. In its present state, it would take about an hour to make her flight ready. Before flying; it would be wise to have an aircraft mechanic go through it to make sure everything is rigged correctly as these are a full 3 axis control type airplane. (All this info and all the paperwork for the factory approved updates is included.) We might be able to deliver if it's only a state or two away, but we would prefer you inspect before auction ends and pick up here. This little bird is ready to go! Reserve is less than 2/3rds. of what we have in it (5.5K) and is a GREAT buy on what is about the safest and sweetest flying ultralight ever built! Any questions? GOOD LUCK!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 11:15 am
by yankeflyer
US $2,550.00
Reserve not met

It must have been the yellow paint

Looks good for buying out the co-owner

and four 185 rotax`s

PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2006 3:51 am
by ozzie
"long sigh" by ozzie

PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2006 6:09 pm
by jim g
Hi there! Did you sell the Lazair? Could you reply to

PostPosted: Sat May 27, 2006 12:40 pm
by yankeflyer

PostPosted: Sat May 27, 2006 2:44 pm
by yankeflyer
Its back from an april sale on ebay minus two 185 rotax`s and now has some hanger rash

The last time " Current bid: US $2,550.00
Reserve not met "

This time no reserve

PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2006 10:28 am
by Guest
Screw that jerkwad !!

PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2006 1:26 pm
by john hunter
What jerkwad?

PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2006 8:51 pm
by yankeflyer
Q & A from the first sale

Questions from other members : LAZAIR Series III Twin Engine ULTRALIGHT w/spare Rotaxs Item number:4634298017

Question & Answer Answered On

Q: would the TRAILER go with the plane ?
A: What trailer? We have no trailer. We used a rental truck.

Q: Hello, if the auction does not meet reserve would you be interested in selling the spare engines by themselves. Nice bird by the way ! Thank you
A: Hello, If she doesn't find a new home, I will most likely buy my partner out and find a place to store it. In that case, I would not want to sell the spare 185's. Thanks for your question.

Q: Hey Steve-guy! Don't forget the Hummingbird! Like your Lazair, it too, has an inverted V-tail, twin engines (made by Solo) and is a Part 103 ultralight. I uses conventional 6 oz dacron sails though, so it folds up like a hang glider, unlike your slick, rigid, Tedlar-covered, foam & aluminum wings.
A: Hi, I forgot about that one! Just sat on one a couple of years ago outside the EAA museum. Ol' Klaus designed some fine flyin' ultralights! Thanks for jogging my memory. Steve

Q: where can I find the specs. on this bird. I have been looking and not finding. thanks again Harry
A: Hello Harry, Stalls between 16 to 18 MPH. Empty wt: 210lbs. Hi cruise: 45mph. VNE: 55mph. Climb rate: 400fpm. Normal take off roll: less than 150ft. Wingspan: 36ft.4in. Overall length: 14ft. Load limit: 4g pos. 2.5g neg. @ 460lbs. Fuel burn: 1.7gph. MPG: 26. Anything I missed? Let us know! Thanks for the question Harry

Q: Any damage history? When was this bird last flown? What about meeting me 1/2 way I live in WA. Do you have the contact names and fhone # of previous owners? Steve,253 686
A: Hi Steve, NDH; 4 years ago right after recover for about 1 hour. We can't get away for the time it would take to drive halfway to WA at this time. I tried to contact the fellow we bought it from 4 years ago and their number has been disconnected. We do not know the original kit builder other than the fact they were from MI. Thanks for the question

Q: how soon would it have to be picked up. thanks Harry
A: Hi Harry, ASAP but I think we might be able to keep the shop for another month, no longer. Thanks for the question.

Q: any idea about the kit number? A and 3 numbers or something like that? That number gives its relative age in the fleet of over 1,000 lazairs.
A: Hello, A-755 sticks in my head. Thanks for your question.

Q: Hello Steve I'm Swiss 58 and living in Thailand. I was looking longer time for a Lazire UL, but no one want sell it outsithe USA. Now in your listing is, that you will sell Worldwide. So I ask you some questions! Do you know a Carrier company ho make seefright to Thailand, ho you could ask for the quot (Maybe in a container)? And / Or can you gif me the messurment in metric and the wight in Kg. so I could look here for a Company ho work with a branch in USA, to ask them! Can you send me the answer and if possible the photos you have of the LAZOR on my email to my company: Thanks a lott for your time Greetings from the other site of the world Thailand Harry Mueller Ps Sorry my English
A: Hello Harry, How is Thailand these days. I was stationed at NKP about an hour from Bangkok in the early 70's. Beautiful country! I am thinking this would be a logistical nightmare for you. Several folks have shipped them from Canada to Australia in containers for about $2500 US I believe. At least close to your neighborhood. I saw this on You may be able to translate it to Swiss. We really are not able to figure out how to ship to you from here. Her weight; about 200lbs. and each wing is 18ft.6in. Thanks for your question.

Q: How large of a truck would I need to pack everything in (ie Budget,Penske rentals)? Thanks, Steve
A: Hi Steve, The longest parts are the wings; about 18ft.6in. We used the rental in several of the pictures. I can't remember the exact length but we had to use the cubby over the cab to fit them in. The thing about the larger rental trucks is they are very stiffly sprung and tend to beat up very light loads. The fellow we bought it from used a dodge tradesman type of van and let the wings hang out the back. He stood them on their LE and had them between the front seats and the motor hump. I would worry about CO but he brought it to NW Wisconsin from Michigan this way. I have also seen people carry them in the open on a coverted light fishing boat type trailer. There are some pictures of these on the Lazair website. I would say softly sprung is the key here. Hope this helps Steve, if not, let us know. Thanks for the question.

Q: This is a multiengine aircraft that does not quality as a part 103 ultralight. How is it that it does not have to be licensed? You can't fly this without at least a private pilot's license with a multiengine rating... ????
A: Wrong O buckwheat, They have been flying them for 25 years sans license and long before anyone dreamed up Part 103. I refer you to Thanks for your comments.

Q: what is max pilot weight thanks
A: That depends on your density altitude. I've heard of 255# plus pilots flying them at sea level with half fuel. Check out Thanks for the question.

Q: Are you open to any trades - like for classic cars / truck ?
A: Sorry, no trades. Thanks for the question.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 03, 2006 12:58 pm
by john hunter
Again unregistered guest I ask you, what jerkwad? Do you know something about this lazair or its owners? I have been watching it on ebay and found this site through their first ad. After reviewing the forums, it looks like you could not even have one recovered with the tedlar for $1795. Is the series 3 a bad series or what? I have always had a fondness for the lazair since seeing them fly at Sun & Fun in the mid 80s. They seem like a real bargain today if you can find one like this that doesn"t have to be rebuilt. Do you know what you are talking about or are you just runnin' your mouth? Let us all in on it if you have firsthand info to share. John Hunter