Those two Rotax 185s on eBay

Lazair Parts for sale

Postby Shannon » Wed Nov 08, 2006 9:50 pm

You nailed it pretty good there Shorty. I'm a bit surprized some of you guys with Pioneers didn't pick them up. $405 is a good price for a couple of engines advertised as being low time and in good shape. Of course any time you are buying sight unseen you take a chance on buying junk. One thing I don't like is not knowing the history of the engines. Being that the cranks have a habit of failing after a prop strike I wouldn't feel comfortable until the engines were torn down for inspection.

Looks like the high bidder "nummy96" also has a recently purchased early model twin engine Kolb. ... 0036707296

185 Auction ... enameZWDVW
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Postby russell » Fri Nov 10, 2006 8:52 am

I was reeeeeal tempted to get in on the bidding for those engines, but there were too many reasons why this Pioneer guy didn't. Mostly, unlike the majority of the members out there, my pockets are rather shallow! Priorites tell me that I have a Lazair in a hundred pieces spread out all over my shop and in need of some rare and expensive parts. Another reason is exactly what you stated, could very well be a pig in the poke (southern saying to you yankees) or a diamond in a cardboard box. You just don't know and from the buzz I hear on this forum, parts for those engines are veeery expensive. Just wrong timing. Maybe I'll get another opportunity on down the road.
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Postby Shannon » Sat Nov 11, 2006 11:09 am

Well hopefully the next set that comes up can be purchased by a "known" Lazair person who needs them. The winner of this particular auction doesn't appear to be a Lazair owner.

Absolutely no doubt that parts are becoming expensive. The good news is that the engines are extremely durable giving many years service with minimal maintenance investment. Looking on the bright side parts are available and will remain available unlike other engines. Even the new JPX D-330 is now out of production.

On the contrary I don't think most of us have deep pockets. As a result we have Lazairs... lucky for us I think. Given the cost for upkeep and fuel with other types of aircraft flying is quickly becoming totally prohibitive. Before long Lazairs and a few others will rule the skies ! Haa Haa !
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