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Postby maker » Wed Feb 11, 2004 8:27 am

Hi -thought i'd introduce myself- Bill Maecker- I live across Lake Erie from where the Lazair was made, on the beach- since 1985, made 300,000 mylar toy airplanes- 'PocketPlanes- now, this week we're unveiling aeronautics education software we partnered with NASA on, called the AeroCD-

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the other day, checked my phone number to see what it spells (you can check yours at verizon at what's you number spell?

mine spells ' 716-LIZ-AIRS...so, i figure it's time to look into getting one...!

I attempted to meet Dale Kramer a few years back, to invite him to speak at our EAA chapter in buffalo, but couldn't find him... maybe that'll happen now...

so, can I ask for advice on what to look for and look out for in used Lazairs? I've always thought they're one of the coolest planes out there- and would like to fly it safely...

Thanks, Nice to meet you,


ps. here's a link to my company website...
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Postby Chappy » Thu Feb 12, 2004 12:18 am


I'm not sure you should have a Lazair. After looking over your website, it seems you are all ready have plenty of fun. Add a Lazair to your life and you might just go into FUN overload! Oh well, maybe you should go ahead and risk it.

BTW, Dale Kramer designed a small plastic foam flying wing toy airplane before he got into the business of selling Lazair Ultralights. It was called the Fling Wing, or something like that, IIRC. I think he sold a few before the Lazair "took off" (sorry). I used to have a few around here but haven't seen any for years. Now I'm going to have to go dig around and try to find one!

It's probably not legal anymore, but your little video of Niagra Fall reminded me of flying my Lazair over the Falls 20 years ago. What a rush!

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