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PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 3:17 pm
by Lspav8r
I have decided that this aircraft is more than I have time for or the willingness to tackle. I am looking for something that is ready to fly and not rebuild. I am 59 and at the rate things are falling apart on me (two surgeries in two years) that I want to fly airplanes and not work on them.

I will entertain offers for the Engines, Wings, and Fuselage/Frame as parts.

The left wing is in good shape and is straight.
The right wing is in need of a rebuild and was damaged in a bad landing.
The frame can be straightened as it isnt kinked but gently out of shape.
The 185's are as I recieved them and have not had anything done to them. I would imagine it would be a good idea to have them gone through before using them, but they both have the compression releases and pull starts as well as the motor mounts attached.
There is no fuel tank
The tail feathers are in good shape and will only need recovering as will the rest of the aircraft after the parts are gone through.
The main tube and controls for the ruddervators are in tact and not damaged.
The wingtips are in good shape as well.
The throttle quadrant is in tact.
Rudder pedals and lockout is in tact.
Seat is in tact.
Wheels are in tact.
Pictures can be sent if interested an any of these items.

If someone has a Tdac or mx or something they would entertain in using on a trade for the entire aircraft I would love to deal with you. I really dont care what it is as long as it is flyable. If it needs new sails Im good with that.

Jim Skelly
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin