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Found Source For 185 ignition coils

PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:11 pm
by joshuag
Hi all,
Just wanted to share this source for aftermarket ignition coils. I called Bosch and they are out of production. They are over 200 bucks from Wildfire. ... CULES.html

As you can see it is a direct replacement for Bosch #2204211043

I emailed them and they responded immediately with a shipping quote. Im going to get 2. Ill let you know how it goes.

My research has indicated that Bosch #220411045 also works in the these same mopeds so probably the 185 by proxy. They are available on ebay right now.

Last year I had posted some possible CDI conversions based on the mopeds. In the end I have sorta settled on this being the best bet... ... A50-Setup/

There is on for the za50 and one for the e50 i think depending on engine rotation.
I spoke with them and it appears that this unit was based on the original bosch flywheel magneto.
After some quick measurement between us it appears that the cdi flywheel would accept our hub perfectly and could be drilled for timing.
I decided that Im not quite ready to reinvent the wheel (and im broke) so im just going to tune up my points for now.
But, I thought I would share. I have tons of links saved on these moped ignitions if anyone is interested.