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Postby xgary » Wed Dec 22, 2004 5:34 am

Here is a snip from another forum,

From: shortnaked
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Subject: [engines-ul] Rotax & 2 strokes

I have been around 2 strokes for about 35 years now and flown UL for
over 20 years and have only had a few engine outs.
One was a carb came loose and caused massive air leak and engine out
was on Lazair and flew it home on one engine about 3 miles.
Other was in a LAzair as well with single ignition and carbon stuck
in gap on plug and engine stopped on way to fly in- no problem
landed in field and pulled plug clean out with thumb nail and took
off and it ran uneventful all day after that.

I have had 503s 582s with little problems but never an complete
failure as of yet.
I agree 582s i have witnessed just stopping but lucky so far never to
me . Am I lucky or just had an ear and eye for problems before they

I have other 2 strokes 25 years old still working fine and only time
they stop is when you run em outta fuel.

Stihl Saws
Suzuki outboard 1988 115 HP oil injected
Polaris sleds
Ski Sleds
Rotax engines
Lawboy movers
Grass trimmer (green Machine 30 yrs old )

All those items engines never been apart and still runnning althougth
i smoked a crank bearing on one sled last yr a polairs 700 triple
cylinder and i blame it partially on the synthetic Oil But i used it
to keep the Exhaust valves sliding but the bearings seems to not be
as well lubed as with mineral oils. But man what fun 0 -115 MPH
in 500 feet :)

Sun is up here almost gonna go pull out kitfox outta hangar and go
Ski flying in heated cabin
Shorty .............
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Postby daffy1029 » Wed Dec 22, 2004 7:18 pm

Hi Shortnaked,
I too had my carb come loose on my second flight. I sure wasn't impressed. Then the 185's worked well for about a year, then my left engine quit. Later found out that the front bearing siezed. So after that I ran them a little richer... I then went to JPX's and had good luck with them. They don't like to idle for long periods and were hard on fuel but always ran. Now I will be trying 210cc Solo's. I heard they were pretty good. Funny thing is, I had a 1991 Artic Cat Ext 530cc and it never let me down. I worked it hard in the mountains and did lots of trail riding with it. I could let it idle for long periods. A great 2 stroke engine. too bad they are on the heavy side...
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Postby xgary » Mon Jan 17, 2005 10:15 am

hi daffy, sorry for responding a month laster but i never seen your post.
185s had trouble with carbs coming loose and i had a engine out once. I used loctite the red stuff that not come loose on the studs in the jug adn then after carb nuts were tight drilled the nuts right through the studs and safety wired em both. never had a issue after.

Main bearings i replaced as well but after about 350 hours i noticed one engine a little rough when turning prop by hand so i replaced both eninges bearings. No issues since.

use 35 to 1 mix and mineral oil on rotax and your life will be extended. I hear of synthetic this and that and amsol but i nveer used amsol. Not have i mixed over 40 to 1 and nevr had issues.
some will tell of 100 to 1 etc but you know who cares really if a liter cost you 2 $ or 4 $ or 6$ you using 32 to 1 is cost 32 liters gas 25$ and oil even 6$ cost you 31$ to fly your lazair for bout 3 hours flying not bad 10$ ahour or save on oil and pay 2$ for oil and cost is not 27$ or 9$ a hour.
I wil use better oil thanks !!

Shorty .............
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