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Postby ozzie » Mon Jan 03, 2005 4:48 pm

Hi Ray i too hope to have my Lazair in the air about that time but no firm date. flying or not it must be (so i have been instructed) at our national flyin in Easter as the pre 1986 aircraft are the theme this year.(real u/ls)
I had a go at paragliding in the mid 80,s when someone brought one of the first in the country out to our drop zone to try. this started a lot of our members to try it with skydiving canopies. worked but needed more wind. i became really interested after my trip to Italy last October when i saw how far they have come in performance so looking forward to my next trip for work. My suppliers are planning to take me to the Dolimities and Coupe de Icaris in France. i found a Swedish instructor living here who intends to make sure i can handle these type of sites. just my luck though to pick the worst season for flying in 5 years.
i'll have some nice photos soon of a engine he just bought with his tandem backpak, french made with redrive electric start nice and light not cheap but perfect replacment for the 185 and pioneers. so smooooth.
on a bright note my two friends flying in the Maldives are safe and are now flying relief flights with indian air force with whatever they can get in the air. apparentley the base was decimated and most of the staff were lost so they are working hard.
i think they'll be different people when they finally get back to OZ. they are both in there early 20s and will have toughened up a bit now. Strewth what a world we live hey. i hope the rest of the year has no surprises in store for us. looking for bluer skies, ozzie
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Postby Jean-Marc » Thu Jan 06, 2005 8:46 pm

Very clean job ozzi! Nice color! Looks like a very light machine. That's the trick!


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