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Postby jb88ci » Sun Aug 28, 2005 9:59 pm

I weighed my wings before dragging them out to the airfield last week. Anybody know how much a tedlar covered wing weighs?? Journey was uneventful until a Bush Caddy bit one of my wings, now i need to repair a small tear.

I'm going to pick up my new head gasket on monday, wildfire is around the corner from where i work. I'm convinced that is the problem as putting the head on a surface plate didn't show any warpage and swapping heads with another engine provided the same head gasket leak.

My right engine starts and idles, no problem, so I need to open up my strut fittings to 1/4 for the jury strut mod, mount my wings, change a head gasket and get my registration in order.

I got my registration mark done in vinyl letters off of e-bay for cheap. Less than a quarter the price of doing it locally.

C-IAYT is getting there. If it wasn't for this kitfox I've spent all summer on, i'd be flying already.

I did manage to hitch a ride in a Beaver ultralight to a fly in breakfast on saturday. Lots of fun, those beavers will scoot.
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