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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2005 9:41 am
by artman12us
Can the muffler be cleaned by sraying solvent in it or is there some material in there that can be harmed? Also where do people get tuned exausts for the 185.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2005 10:09 am
by Guest
Generally speaking Art the mufflers are maintenance free. Often you find the mufflers have rust rattling around in them that is hard (if not impossible) to get out. You can shake the mufflers and some of the smaller pieces will fall out while the larger will remain. The pieces get trapped between the baffle sections.

If you wanted to rinse the mufflers out I don't think varsol would hurt anything. One thing is for sure. When a muffler goes bad internally you will know it. In that case it may be able to cut the muffler open and have it repaired and re-welded. Years back I think someone mentioned to me having to do this.

The only tuned exhausts I've seen for 185s were homemade jobbys. Probably not worth the time, energy and effort all things considered. Engine life would be my primary concern. Using tuned exhausts would also require that you use different props.

My observation is that most people would be doing themselves a huge huge favor (performance wise) if they simply learned to tune the carbs properly (on a test stand) and do minor overhaul of the engines (decarbon, rings, ect).