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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2005 12:25 am
by tommyb
i saw a guy spraying WD-40 around all the little openings in his plane. he told me it keeps the bee's/ mud dobbers out, guess they dont like the smell. he said after it dries they still smell it and stay away but we humans cant sence it anymore. - could be a good cheap way to keep pests out of parts.

I saw a phantom UL with the main tube & other tubes blocked on all open ends, so i asked about the plugs. the guy filled every opening with silicon to keep mice out in the winter. i asked how he got it all to stay in the holes to set up and he said he put cardboard in first as a backer and a few had a string in the middle (in case he wanted to remove them- just pull sting). fill whole up against carboard backer and your all set no more mice in hte main tube or else where. looked like a good idea.

thought i would pass both ideas along someone might benifit from them.