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Postby pittsnut » Mon Jan 23, 2006 9:05 am

Hello out there in Lazair land,

I hope those of you who have skis are out having fun.

I have an order in for more Tedlar and Tapes and would like to know who is interested in purchasing either a roll or the complete kit.

The roll is 100 feet for $500, the tapes are $150 plus shipping. Complete kit, $650 , prices are in cnd. The price of Telar is in short supply and the price is always going up.

I can take Visa and Mastercard or you can send a cheque.

I also am considering a covering seminar at my hanger if anyone is interested. no charge if you purchased a kit. I know many of you have recovered but I have learned some interesting tips after doing 6 recovers. Preparation is the key but there are many other things you can do to the sructures before you recover.

Let me know in PM's if you would like to get on the list, I take those who have paid up front first. I am only oredring the minimum roll as the cost is high enough and Dupont is only dealing with the larger accounts. I am a pain in the neck but we use lots of their other materials.

Thanks and let me know.

Happy Landings

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Postby art » Mon Jan 23, 2006 1:40 pm

Where are you located? Art
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Postby pittsnut » Mon Jan 23, 2006 7:54 pm


I am in Big Bay near Wiarton, Ontario. N0H 2T0. North of Owen Sound, 1-519-534-1388

The covering kit consists of the following.

1. 100 foot roll of Tedlar R, 2 mil PVF film (the good stuff)
2. 2 rolls of 3M VHB, PVF double sided foam tape
3. 2 rolls of 3M Tedlar double sided tape. (also the good stuff)
4. 4 rolls of 2 inch wide aluminum foil leading edge tape.
5. 4 rolls of 2 inch wide clear PU, UV, single sided edging tape.

Total $650, if you are close by I may throw in the shipping or meet you. I have only ordered 1200 feet that's all I could get.

Ola has suggested that I do a covering CD, I am covering a series 2 this weekend, I may give it a try. I have lots of pics of covering jobs, but I live in the country and cannot email them, if you give me a few bucks for prints and mail, I will send you a set.

Give me a call or email me at;

Keep the good side up.

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