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PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 6:01 pm
by art
Someone please tell me where I'm going wrong! I did the oven thing and was able to get the crankcase halves apart. The mag end seperated from the crankshaft bearing. But I am finding it impossible getting the front case half seperated from the shaft or bearing. HELP!! Art

PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 12:13 am
by flyalaz
Hi Art,

You aren't doing anything wrong! Sometimes it pops off at the rear, other times at the front. Heat it up once again and after supporting the case all around, try tapping with a mallet (not steel headed), or if that fails, press it out. If you don't have a press handy, you can make a frame and use a bottle jack. I haven't had one yet that has been too stubborn that a few taps from a mallet hasn't popped it out. I also screw the nut on the prop shaft to prevent any inadvertant damage to the threads. It also gives you a wider surface to sight on, to tap or press out straight. Anybody else have any other tricks?


PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 12:17 am
by flyalaz
I forgot to mention to look at the Rotax rebuild for other tips on bearings and stuff. Keep track of where and which shims (if any) came from. It's a chore to be avoided if you can. I imagine you'll be changing bearings, so a dimensional check for thickness will tell you if any changes are required to the shims. Don't forget to change your seals too!


PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2007 10:20 am
by Shannon
So what's the verdict Art, did you get the case-halves apart ? Maybe a little follow-up will help the next guy down the line who encounters the same probem..... ?

When rebuilding a 185 (if you don't have a press) don't be afraid to rap the crap out of those case-halves and cranks with a non-marring mallet to force them apart.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2007 10:03 pm
by art
I went to the local machine shop and used thier press. I am lucky to have a local freindly shop that's happy to help me out + guy's like you!!! thanks Art