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PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:19 am
by huronflyer

Tomorrow and Tuesday look like the only good days of possible WX...before South River.

Yesterday after our airport manager's surprise party for 30 years service I dabbled on my Lazair.

The one thing that is a hurdle, two of my cap strip snaps would not work at the rear and they hold both pieces; I drilled it out and found the hole already was over sized - it will not take a screw let alone a rivet. I will need to glue a small piece of aluminum to drill into for new snap. The one on the other side I rescued even after the steel center broke off, so it looks like it will be ok.

As I was checking the front without the windscreen I discovered the pod has been hit or whatever and the one remaining support had fractured, it really needs the two vertical tubes that held the windscreen. The upshot, I had to taek it off. It now looks like a standard naked Lazair. This made it a bit tricky to mount my new Hall's ASI.

Still euchred on the decompress valve socket - but I found a neighbour * who says he has one (* he used to service Rotax).

So we put C-IIII together after fixing hanger walls and overhead, and it would be kind of ridiculous to not fly her before taking her apart next Thursday for South River, BTW SR is a BIG magnet.

Keep you up to speed.


PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 4:08 pm
by huronflyer
I discovered my plane's pix is featured on Wikipedia as one of it's example Lazairs.
How nice that was of someone to do that. Just wish I had my wheel pants on in that picture.
It does not look so cool now sans windscreen and pod :)

I was looking for pioneer engines and this was a bonus discovery.