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Transporting a Lazair

Postby JPXman » Thu May 08, 2014 5:34 am

So you just found out you need a Lazair, but its far away. Well I figured out how to move it. Rent a 12' Uhaul, make a set of wing saddles, get some unauthorized self tapping screws and such and you're on your way.
Make one set of saddles so the lowest point in the cradle is 13.5" high, and the other set so it is 2" high (must be as low as possible to fit).
Put one wing in, then put the fuselage in, then put the other wing in. Once its all in and looks good, (and i say the next part with tongue in cheek) - use self tapping screws to go through the saddle base into the trailer floor. yes poor uhaul. if you have a crisis of conscience use a bit of silicone after delivery :)

I drilled a couple of 1/4" holes in the upper structure rail to hold a wire hanger to attach ratchet straps to, and there are D-rings on the bottoms to grab the other end of the strap.

I taped foam around the end of the boom tube, and strapped the fuselage axle to the wing saddles.

It went 3500km and didn't budge. Its a tight fit, and you have to put the ailerons in the deflected position to clear the door, but all fits well. wrap some foam around the wing where the door could interfere.

I taped 12V LED trailer lights onto the wingtips that just stayed on at night while driving. sure they didn't flash properly but i never got pulled over.

So go get that lazair you've always wanted.
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