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PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2005 1:33 am
by JPXman
hey tapeheads

i got a roll from Mike Fithian, and his tape sticks really well (the white stuff). I will say one thing though - I had a roll of true tedlar tape (clear, 2mil) that i covered my series III with, and then the other covering kit i bought had the white tape. comparatively the white tape is MUCH thinner tape, i'm guessing under a mil. it sticks like a bastard, but is definitely thinner. I think its good for what it does, just sealing up the edge of the tedlar and covering the double sided tape underneath.

If you're ordering tape from falconeast, order a roll of his silver mylar tape too to cover up your foam tapes and any other exposed to UV tapes on the plane. well worth it to prevent your foam tapes from turning to dust over the years.


PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2005 5:36 am
by xgary
Ray, I am from Ontario and just wondered where you can get Tedlar tape in Ontario? I just orderd some from George Curtis who had the tape made from Tedlar and with the proper adhesive. I am not a fan of furnace or greenhouse tape for Lazair applications as I have seen what happens over the years.

There was a lot of contraversy before about this in fear that this unfortuante incident could be avoided. If i get time this weekedn i will dig up some old posts on the topic. In midle of some renovations here.

There was a guy selling tape and tedlar apparently last year but I ma not sure what grade of tedalr or tape it was and he would never answer the question. That was my first red flag.

Airfilters I am not sure about on 185s. Velocity stacks seem ot be pretty good and there is litle need to a filter imo. 185s seem to eat anything it injests. (except de-compression valves)Filter "might " hamper performance.

Shannon is right about the 20 year + old Tedlar tight as a drum. Proper tedlar and Tapes applied correctly have proven so far in destructible. Hangered LAzairs seems to keep fairly well too :)

<<My problem is the 2" tape that came with my Tedlar order....from Ontario, Canada.(Hint hint)>>

PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2005 4:16 pm
by Billm
I am from Southern California (and am jealous of anyone who can find a job there) and have run dune buggies, etc. for many years there and know that the dust/dirt there is horribly abrasive to engines (we had no rust on our cars since the sand storms blasted them clean). If I were running a Lazair there I would DEFINITELY be using air cleaners. You guys who live in the greener areas would not believe the damage the dust can cause. Even our 2-stroke motorbikes lost massive amounts of compression due to internal sanding (but BOY were they clean!!!).
Just my 2 cents worth but sandpaper works for the same reason.

PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2005 6:18 am
by xgary
BillM, good points. I will be curious to see the test results from the air cleaners.
You are right , no dust storms here and if the dust was in the air that much it wold prolly be too windy to fly a lazair.

PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2005 1:55 pm
by rayjb60
Southern California DUST, in the High Desert of El Mirage is definately going to loosen up an engine fast.

The dust gets in the air from dust devils sucking it up and blowing it high and far in the prevailing wind.

I have been flying in the morning before the wind picks up, but the dust is still hanging in the air from the day before .....but there is also a lull in the evenings, and again even more dust then.

Remember, this is the land where thermals can get so strong the rocks are lifted from the ground. Obviously we need good sheltered tie downs, else our Lazairs will fly without us.

I'll let everyone know the outcome of the K&N filter experiment.

Seeing as how I can take off and climb just fine at 75% power, a filter induced loss of a 100 or two RPM will not make me cry.....because I know my engines will last longer. If I have to overhaul the engines every year due to loss of compression....I would probably cry!

I've got the stock series 2 lazair with rudder pedals and 185's, I have not added any extra weight except my 220 lbs to the bird.....yet....keepin it light!

I do want to add a hand toss reserve if something nasty happens, I'll have a second chance to walk away alive.....7lbs tandem paraglider reserve certified for 440 lbs @ $800 USD....perfect!

PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2005 6:47 am
by lazair3ca

The hand toss reserve chute sounds like a great idea. It will not disturb the flight characteristics like a BRS does.


PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2005 5:51 pm
by Guest
Do you have a link to a supplier selling hand tossed emergency chutes designed specifically for Ultralights like the Lazair ??? It would be good to look over the specifications for this chute.... i.e. Suggested Aircraft weight limits, max aircraft deployment speeds, decent rates, mounting suggestions, cost, weight, ect.. ect...

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2005 7:49 am
by bdiedenhofen
I don't know of any selling specifically for ultralights, but a quick internet search will give you some manufacturers for hang gliders and paragliders. I have a tandem hang glider chute that's rated for 500 lbs. That's big enough for a Lazair for sure. I considered using my chute in the Lazair, but I'm doubtful that I'll be able to toss the bag clear of the tail. A throwable chute is an inexpensive solution, but there's a definate chance of snagging part of the structure when you throw. The ballistic units are better as they are mounted in a clear space and lauch the chute farther away from the plane. I've been thinking about the unit available from ASAP, it's simple, light and fairly inexpensive.

Brian D.

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2005 10:50 am
by Guest
How much do the spring loaded chutes run ??

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2005 3:01 pm
by rayjb60

Those spring deployed units look like a good idea for the Lazair....Hand deployed will give you some extra options in terms of the direction of deployment, but you loose a bit on deployment time....especially critical near the ground.

I was thinking of a hand toss Paraglider Tandem reserve, probably same as what hang gliders use, for about 800 USD. Annular 30 hand toss reserve

I checked out the used BRS units but a rocket & inspection/repack is $1000 USD.
and since you are not allowed to ship rockets, you can be assured that a used one will cost you at least the rocket cost, unless you can drive out a pick it up yourself.