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PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 10:45 am
by russell
I would like to put me on the map but I am afraid the photo will again be upside down! Perhaps I can find a 10 yr. old to help.
If you are referring to the Dodge, that was the first stage of there "muscle car" projects. Fast.


PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 2:55 pm
by tommyb
I had a lot of cars too but the best one ever was a 87 VW scirocco had 275K miles on it and it only cost me $60 for an oil sending unit. Now thats reliable. I had my share of the the old muscle cars but miss my 4 banger the most.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 8:21 pm
by Chappy

Did you get the nose wheel from Ultraflight, or make up your own like some of us did for our series 1's? Was the sling seat an upgrade too, or did it come with it? Mine came with the awful Banana bicycle seat. Did you ever add the rudder pedals to this plane?

I'll try to did out my old pictures too, but unfortunately, I think most were slides.

BTW, I still have, drive, and enjoy the same 1978 Chevy van that I used back in 1980 to trailer my series 1. The only difference is that I had to put the emission controls back on it a few years ago when the sniffer police finally caught up with me. Now that it's legally an antique in Virginia, I'll put dual exhaust back on it when this one rots out. It ran much stronger back then with duals, cam and square bore 4 barrel. A neighbor just gave me a set of 15" Cragars, so they'll go on soon when the tires get replaced. I know vans aren't supposed to be cool, but I've loved this vehicle. Camp, tow and haul (in more ways than one) - it does it all.


PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2005 9:16 pm
by yankeflyer
Hey Tommyb

I have a little history with volkwagons myself, especially a green 1967 bug and a 1967 micro bus metallic purple with tie-dye curtains, chrome rims and Brunswick radials. There may be a picture of the micro bus but I don't have one but I wish I did. But here's one of the bug. Still looking for the pic.

I still drive a 1967 but it's a 912 Porsche and what I have in this car I could've bought the best Lazair on the market. And it's still just a rusty old car with bad brakes.

Russell - I think that Super B was a Plymouth 440 and 160 mph on the speedometer.

But back to airplanes, specifically our favorite one I took some pictures today of mine and of a couple parts that are now a high-quality sort of plastic that I would like to upgrade to titanium.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2005 9:28 am
by russell
The picture I posted was taken in 1981. It's #52 A9. I am in the process of revitalization. I have had to replace the nose wheel. The replacement is from the compnay that made the original, however, it is not available in the no tread style. It is ribbed. I am replacing the main gear also (actually they are lawn and garden cart wheels and not bicycle). They are the original style.

The sling is still original. My kits manual had the instructions for installing the bicycle seat along with the sling. It also had the instructions for installing the aileron control cables along with the pushrods which are used on my kit.

I installed the rudder petal kit as soon as it became available. My runway had a constant crosswind which made me make one wheel takeoffs and landings about 50% of the time. I became quite good at dragging a wing tip along the grass without ripping it off. March was a bitch!

Tommyb, I think Plymouth made the Roadrunner in response to the Dodge RT. I'm old and the brain is weak, so please correct me. Anyway please excuse me for getting into automobiles on a Lazair site. I appologize to the group.


PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2005 11:49 am
by lazairiii

No no no, you really don't need to make those small rudder guides out of titanium. Just convert over to the larger pushrods that were standard on the series III and you're set. I did this and it was easy and I like them much better. There is a conversion manual too. Maybe it's already in the archives, but if not it could be uploaded pretty easy I'd bet. But here is what the rear brackets look like on my plane. Rather than having the rods go over the tail, they now go just under and incorporate a larger 1/2" pushrod.

George Curtis

PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2005 2:34 pm
by lazairkid
:D Yankeflyer,
Here is some more pic like George's for you.
The plate under the boom is around .080th thick.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2005 2:39 pm
by lazairkid
Photo two

PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2005 2:40 pm
by lazairkid
photo three

PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 2:47 am
by tommyb
im asking because im sure im going to end up with a series 1 or 2;
the conversion may be simple but where do you get the the parts to do it? how much do you have to make yourself and how much can be bought? not that im afraid to make my own parts but its always faster to buy it and install than spend ours in the garage bending, cutting, fitting, molding, etc….

i've already given some thought as to using teleflex cables to convert the upper stick to between my legs (where it belongs) and for the rudder pedals (should i need to manifest a set).
i’ve actually started to think maybe i should just try and buy a set of wings ready to be mounted and build a lazair up from that point. i think Dale did a great job but i think that its time for a series 4 don’t you guys? not that i would make it better just a new idea on the same plane. now i know im no rocket scientist but it would be neat to build my own 2 seater with dual controls and have 2 sets of controls for everything including the retractable gear. like I said maybe im pushing it but why not.
:D :rolleyes: