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Postby yankeflyer » Fri Dec 02, 2005 8:25 pm

motor MINI 2 PLUS
matriculation M2210
Poly-V belt reduction, ratio 1:230
Double blades pushing propeller
(made on wood)
126 GT
T 2°C - P 1048 Mb - UR 46%
Locality Torre Maina 18/02/2001
Altitude (S.L.M.) 300 m
RPM Propeller
Turns Kg
of thrusting
7200 5,8 86
7000 5,6 82
6800 5,4 78
6600 5,2 72
6400 4 66
6000 3,5 58
5500 2,5 48
5000 2,2 44
4500 2 31
4000 1,5 28

PARAMOTORE 2002-2004

Displacement cm³ 202
Bore mm 66,4
Stroke mm 58
Compression Ratio 10,5/1
Power Hp 28
kW 19
RPM 7.200
Weight of the engine Kg 13
Weight of the exhaust Kg 2,4
Lamellar intake with Walbro WB 37 carburettor
Alluminium cilinder with Nikasil coating
Exhaust resonance system. Poly-V belt reduction
Electronic ignition with alternator for recharge battery in fly
Electric starter
Flying consumption at 5000 RPM, 2,2 liters/hour
Premix two stroke oil gasoline, 2,5% oil by volume to leaded fuel, 3% oil by volume to unleaded fuel
1:226 Crown gear 129 mm / Pinion 57 mm
1:230 Crown gear 129 mm / Pinion 56 mm
1:234 Crown gear 129 mm / Pinion 55 mm
1:242 Crown gear 129 mm / Pinion 53,3 mm
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Postby yankeflyer » Fri Dec 02, 2005 8:34 pm

The engine mounts would seem to be Lazair friendly and I know at first glance it seems like too much power or maybe said another way more than one needs on a series one.

But at 13 kg it seems to be within the range of other engines that I have seen used on the Lazair's.

Still -- lots to learn about my airplane -- where the engine mounts modified or upgraded much from one series to the next?

The other engine makers from Sweden that I have made inquiries about -- have yet to respond about my question about the used in a puller configuration and would that application have the designers approval.

Anyway just checking out the possibilities for now.

And still building the hangar shop that I need to do the work in anyway and the ski season has just started in the Black Hills the South Dakota -- yea who
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Postby yankeflyer » Sun Dec 04, 2005 10:48 pm

Dear Sirs,

we want to inform you that we don't sell our products
directly to USA :

we want to inform you that we have a distributor
Canada - U.S.A. :

Speedwing Aircraft Inc.
Quebec Canada .

We have sent your e-mail at them,
if you want you can contact Mr. Guy De France
at the follow address :

TEL. 1 888 595 5312

Thanking You ,
Best Regards .
Paolo Simonini.

I don't know what to say - it's not the enthusiastic seller glad to meet an enthusiastic buyer response that I would expect -- I guess I need to make a friend in Italy who shares my interest in Lazair airplanes.

Hello Italy --
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Postby Guest » Sun Dec 04, 2005 11:00 pm


Postby JPXman » Mon Dec 05, 2005 1:46 am

wow as if their seller in quebec is named

"man of france" that is too funny...
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Postby ozzie » Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:17 pm

I have a friend in Italy who is into Paragliding. He has been looking at engines for a while now as he wants to buy a backpack.We have talked a bit on engines and when i was there last year i looked at what was available. the most suitable ones are expensive. if you have a specefic question i'll pass it on and see what he knows. OZZIE
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Postby yankeflyer » Thu Dec 08, 2005 12:23 pm


The question I have for the Italians and their airplane engines is the same one I asked of the Swedes of their engines and that question is the one you brought up about the reduction drive thrust bearing design and connection. And that seemed to me to be more than just a valid inquiry about the design but absolutely necessary to have the assurances of the designer that that reduction drive be adequate for use in a puller configuration and structurally adequate to deal with the thrust.

The Swedes haven't got back to me and you saw the response from the Italians.

I have not connected with anybody here the US that flies Para-planes -- everyone around this area flies the big two place tricycl jobs with the 50 Horse rotax on the back. I'm sure I will eventually find someone knowledgeable about the engines.

It sure has me taking a second look at the Pioneers -- that's just pure genius cutting up those little chainsaw motors and coming up with propeller for them.

The more I learn about this airplane the more I am reminded of Alex Strojnicks S2A -- a design I admired for his use of materials both aircraft grade and off-the-shelf hardware that made for an airplane that was affordable with excellent performance.

Anyway I supposes two or three months before I will feel desperate to get the plane in the air.
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Postby Shannon » Thu Dec 08, 2005 1:58 pm

Miles this guy has a NEW 185 with mount for sale.

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