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PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2004 9:50 pm
by b diedenhofen
Hey guys,
I really like the open feeling of the Lazair cockpit. However, it can get cold at times. Shannon told me how much he likes Mike's pod. And, after much consideration, I decided to order one for myself. Wow, it's a pretty nice mod. I've only had one short flight with it, but it blocks the wind quite nicely. It took a few hours to install, but it was pretty easy. We installed it and flew the plane on Christmas day. It didn't feel all that cold at all. A little nose heavy, but not bad. I've added some weight in the tail to bring it back into trim. The best part of it is the way the plane looks now. Somehow, the pod just makes the plane look sleeker. It's very cool. I've got some plastic streamlining, for the struts, from florida. I think it's big enough to encapsulate the entire strut including the pushrods for the ailerons. It all adds a little weight to the plane, but I think the streamlining and elimination of drag will actually continue to increase the performance of the plane regardless of a few extra pounds. We'll see.

Brian D.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2004 11:56 pm
by Shannon
Dads Lazair "Old Bird". What a nice ship even after all these years. This plane was originally a sling seater with Pioneers. God only knows how many hours this plane has. What a treasure.


PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2004 8:46 am
by lazair3ca

I have been looking at a pod for a few months. It may extend the confortable flying season. I am wondering if anyone has a mold for the pod Ultraflight produced for the Elite? That pod was very streamlined and perhaps heavier than we want to put on the 185s. Newer materials will make it lighter. :huh:

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2004 10:11 am
by Shannon
Mike has the original molds.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2004 10:11 pm
by aroguetrader
...Now if I could just convience Mike McQ6 to build a pod for the 2-seater....Hmmm


PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2004 9:10 pm
by aroguetrader
Gee...thanks!! <_<

On the topic of farings...I'm almost ready to start recovering with Tedlar I got from Mike over a year ago, and was thinking about going with Mike's wing tips. Any comments on them? I've upgraded to the sharp trailing edge material, so don't really know if there is any issue there with fit or function.


PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2004 4:56 pm
by Shannon
Hi John,

I'd shoot off an E-mail to Mike about using the sharp trailing edge with his tips. He will know. I'm not positive but there may be a little bit of trailing edge on the aileron sticking out just past the back of the fiberglass tip. Shouldn't be a big deal. Check with Mike I'm sure he will be glad to answer this for you.


PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2004 11:35 am
by JPXman
I have Mike's fibreglass wingtips on my series III and on the 2-seater, both with the sharp trailing edges. There are two options:

1) Leave the trailing edge the way it's supposed to be mounted, and have about a 3/4" extended trailing edge compared to the back end of the wingtip (unnoticeable)

2) Gradually push the trailing edge further into the trailing edge tube, so you have a smoother transition from sharp edge to wingtip.

I did one on each plane, and I would say that #2 looks better but was harder to do, #1 was easier and has the step at the wingtip. Either way the fibreglass wingtips are the way to go. So easy to put on, and if you crack it
up, so easy to take off (versus damaging the old wingtip - major disassembly required to remove it).


PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2004 3:53 pm
by Shannon
Another Pod pic.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2004 5:48 pm
by Shannon
What a Beauty !