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Postby aroguetrader » Sun Jan 25, 2004 8:12 pm

Hey folks,

It was too damn cold in the garage today to do any work on my fuselage, so I spent a few hours pouring over parts catalogs and came across the "Balance Master." I've seen this advertised, but have never heard of anyone who has used the product. It uses a ring of liquid mercury to reduce vibrations in some way...not really sure of the physics behind this.

Anyone here have experince with this product, or know of someone who has??

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Postby lazair » Mon Jan 26, 2004 8:26 am

John, On Balance master i found this on a quick search.

Balance Master by Sun-Tech
I'll have to admit up front that I've been skeptical of any bolt-on product being able to reduce vibration in a V-twin motorcycle to an appreciable degree. So when a friend of mine mentioned he'd bought a Balance Master for his bike-and was very pleased with it- I wanted to know more. user posted image
John Peano loves his '83 Shovel head. He has a couple of other bikes, but the '83 is his touring bike. The belt drive and late model oil control kit make it a low maintenance bike-the major drawback is a trade-off between cruising speed and comfort. At 70 or 75 mph the bike was a real shaker; 55-60 works much better. John had tried the usual approaches to remedy the problem, but the belt final drive limited his ability to change final drive ratio. So he researched tires and learned that Avon made a tire with a larger diameter than the Metzelers he was running- larger by about 6 inches. That helped him lower the revs at highway speeds slightly.
When John had a motor rebuilt a year or so ago, he also had it balanced. But that didn't seem to help with smoothness at the rpm range he needed. Other than a mild hydraulic cam, the motor is stock. He had tried changing the motor sprocket gearing, going from 24 to a 25 tooth sprocket, but that proved too tall. His goal of achieving a 75 mph cruise remained elusive and he bought the Balance Master more out of frustration than anything else.
After installation John said he could tell the difference on the way to the expressway for the trial run. Seat-of-the-pants feel told him it was smoother. A longer ride confirmed that the Shovel was running smoother at a higher rpm, allowing him to raise his cruising speed in 4th gear. He can now run at 75 mph without the killer vibration he had been unable to deal with any other way.
Sun Tech, (the company behind Balance Masters,) has been selling vibration reducing devices for years. They've been making products for over-the-highway truck operators, offering a rim mounted device that actively balances tires for the life of the wheel. Motorcycle products include flywheel balancing systems, sprocket shaft and clutch hub installations.
The company's web site includes many testimonial letters. One of those letters is from a person known and respected at IronWorks, Bill Mallinchock of Edge Cylinder. Bill has been using Balance Master products for 15 years and says the technology goes back to the aircraft industry of the early '50s, what Bill termed "viscous balancing." As a serious engine builder, Bill has gone farther than just using a compensator sprocket from Balance Masters. He has them embed their mercury tube technology in the flywheels of his big inch drag bike and other street motors he builds. Bill says the difference is amazing, and not just on a touring motor but especially on a big inch motor. According to Bill, Balance Masters bring a lot of experience dealing with vibration to the motorcycle marketplace.
To learn more about their motorcycle related parts, check out their web site or call them.-Eddie Larson
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Postby lazair » Mon Jan 26, 2004 8:28 am

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