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Postby Dave, C-IIII, CYEL » Wed Mar 08, 2006 11:59 am


"Play it again Sam"


Now that my new carbs are on (still not tuned right) spring fever is beginning to perk.

Thus my thoughts move to stuff more important than power, airframe and controls.

I know George Curtis is using titinium rods for his ruddervators, BTW my first take is they are out of my piggy-bank at this time...

Question, if I go to larger diameter tubes do they then need to be re-routed down below the back of the boom?

A friend of mine has used new solid tubes through the existing routing and control rod guides, which is probably what I will do at this time. One of my control rods has a slight kink in it at back, perhaps from my panic brake application two years ago.



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