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Postby lazair » Fri Jan 30, 2004 3:51 pm

Came across this on other message board very interesting and use ful for some i am sure. re=posted from a yahoo forum

user posted image
New Brake Technology from Jeep® Wheelbarrows
Responding to concerns expressed by OSHA and the insurance industry, Jeep® Wheelbarrows set out to reduce injuries in the workplace and make tough physical work a little bit easier.

Ergonomicly designed, the Jeep® Wheelbarrow brake can be locked with a simple push of a button. Depress the brake to precisely stop a wheelbarrow where you want to dump. In the same motion, and with the lever depressed, push in the button to lock the brake. The wheel is now fixed in place making it a snap to push the load over. Tap the brake lever again and the spring loaded lock releases. Whether you are doing demolition work into a trash chute or in need of pinpoint spreading of concrete, mulch, peat moss or gravel; Jeep® Wheelbarrows make the job safer.

[b]Hmmm, interesting. Their website is at:


There's a pic of a wheelbarrow with brakes at the top of the page,
plus more about them if you scroll about halfway down. Plus a letter
about them under "Press releases", scroll down to the bottom. Finally
there are more pics and descriptions at:


The original Minimaxes had wheelbarrow tires and wheels, and about
ten years ago they had unbelieveably crappy single-shoe brakes. Since
then, Ison came out with much better drum brakes. I wonder if these
Jeep disc brakes could fit?

Steve Maher
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Postby flyalaz » Fri Jan 30, 2004 10:19 pm

Really neat assembly!

I fired off a letter right away to get more info and prices. if it seems right, I'll put them in my bird.
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Postby flyalaz » Wed Feb 11, 2004 4:51 pm

Still no answer from Jeep. Will send another request for info.

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Postby ozzie » Thu Feb 12, 2004 4:10 am

i am just at the stage to think about brakes. i have seen the drawings of the originals and they look about as much fun as the original brakes on a Beaver.(DHC2)
i was thinking of looking at the disk brakes from a mountain bike. they look very light and compact and the couriors that ride all over the Sydney CBD say they are pretty good as they don't fade on the big hills and don't loose much stopping power when wet and are progressive and give a fair bit of feedback under hard braking. some of these "treadley couriors" are pretty serious about their work and ride mountain bikes worth $4,000 +.
just have to work out how to mount them.
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