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Postby rayjb60 » Tue Oct 12, 2004 6:31 pm

I've noticed that this site is starting to get more people on it all the time, which is great.

Maybe there is a growing interest in basic grass roots flying, or perhaps its just the cooler weather in the Northern regions?

I'd like to imagine that the popularity of these craft are on the increase.

Where else could you buy a real aircraft for under $4000 that is ready to fly?
I know of one actually, but Im not telling ;) i bought it already....haaa

What could be more fun than cruising around at 50 mph and enjoying the country side view.

What could be less regulated and offer such freedom.

What other toy can only cost $15 in fuel for an afternoon of fun.

What other activity can actually make it impossible for anyone to get a hold of you at a moments notice ;)

What other activity allows you the option to fly like an eagle, or bomb(Ooops...I mean accidentally drop) your annoying neighbor with water balloons.

I'd say its the most fun and freedom you can have at almost any price.

Welcome New guests.....cmon and join the slow flying revolution.....dig those old Lazairs out of the barns, basements and garages and FLY!

PS: Now where the heck is my Tedlar, UPS hurry up...the weather is perfect these days!
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