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Postby lazair » Mon Jan 12, 2004 10:40 pm

:o ;) :P :D :D :lol: B)

Shannon Welcome over here and back to reality.

You said you have near 25 yrs of Lazair exp. ?
Well add me in there and we talking close to 50 years plus thousands
of hours of airtime. They are the true Classic twin, Low and SLOW.

Oh, so many stories to be told I am sure.

well Feel free to stay here and contribute. I can tell you from the
page views here and at site we are getting thousands more
monthly although there has been little posting on the Forum there.

Good Luck Shannon and once again Welcome here,


I have un moderated this Yahoo message board again.
If the Immature ones come back i will be telling a few stories who
they are.

But as most of you already know the posts are moderated at other
Lazair sites and they only let you read what they want you to see.
TOTALLY AMERICAN but yet Les abbamover is from ?? Where?
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Postby lazair » Sun Jan 18, 2004 12:22 pm

Shannon,  Yes  This invision  mesage board was a bit  hard for me as well at first. But now it seems much better. 

I do have another message board on this site set up but really it is quite simular to this one. If I get enuff feedback and usage here I will make that message board available as well and then let the users decide which one they like best.

Anyways glad to have you over here and hopefully can find the info an asset to them. As well as sharing info to one another to make the "semi extinct " Lazair owners make their experience much easier.

We have complied alot of Lazair info over the years and will slowly stasrt feeding it out. Special thx to all who have sent in info and continue to .

What do you think about a specail Photo section Shannon? Members can send in pics and we will create an album?

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