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Postby Jean-Marc » Sun Mar 06, 2005 4:03 pm

Shannon,chappy, JPXman or the others
Hello everyone! First I want to tell you how I am glad to be a LAZAIR owner, knowing the great group of people we can find on this site .

I have a few question for you guys. I owne a LAZAIR III that I am recovering and I have notice that the rivets that keeps the spar's webs assembled are differents from a wing to the other.
On the left wing the whole assembly is maide with the darker rivets(probably avex type )the ones with that blackish pellet at the bottom end of the rivets.
On the right wing,the first tow bays on the spar's web, are assembled with the same dark rivets, but the rest of the vertical web and the entier top and bottom lenght of the leading edge "D"cell sheet to the spar assembly of the right wing, is done with the alluminum closed bottom rivets very light in color.
From what I know, all the webs and spars were prebuilt at the manufacture as all the riveting of the webs can only be done from the inside of the "D"cell befor riveting the leading edge sheet on the top and bottom of the spar.
-First question: Could this irregular work had been done at the manufacture?
-Second question: As anybody seen such a thing befor.
-Third question: What rivets should be on the web and on the "D"cell sheet, top and bottom assembly to the spar?
-Could it be that they ran out of the closed bottom rivets and dessided to put the avex to finish the job on a set of wing that had tobe shiped and send the kit out like that?
Does it realy needs the avex all the way ,top and bottom of the "D"cell and all the way along the web of the spar?
I know it sound weird and I was just getting ready to recover the whole plane when I discovered that.
The plane looks great and has no aparent domage to it any where els.
Thank in advance to all of you for an answer.

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