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Postby ozzie » Mon Oct 10, 2005 2:59 am

B) G'day guys, good to read that Dale is in the background watching what info is being handed round my thanks to Dale for making a great aircraft for us.

reason for this post is i am starting the slog to get my lazair on the aussie register. we have a new tech guy and he is a bit over the top and not really up to speed on older ultralights. his first reply was 'Whats a Lazair?' so i am trying to cover all bases with the manuals and parts lists. my lazair is a mk 1 with some mods mainly the (narrow) tundra wheel kit option that was supplied later as stock and has the rudder pedal mod and short tail as well. as my lazair did not come with its original manuals ect i have to find the info on the above. i have lifted the assembly instructions for the rudder pedals from the mk3 manual i also have the short tail mod info so ok there but i need the assembly and parts drawings of the down tubes and axle/wheel area. i have searched the files for a mk2 manual and parts lists and can only find the mk3 info. can anyone help.?

my own personal assembly/parts manual is for the original pushbike wheel type so if i can update this to how this lazair now stands i might get in the air (legally) by christmas.

The other problem is they (the RAA) have seemed to misplaced the data package for the only lazair on the aussie register (original mk1) .
I should be able to register mine on the data package they now hold or they may knock mine back because it has the mods including short tail and may want a complete new data and performance/ handling pack. so i will need the above to complete the data pack. (i am not going to mention the upgrades unless they pick it up)
OR i may be able to get around this if i can prove that this model has been type approved in the USA Canada or England so if anyone can help with this info. a copy of rego certificate and photo of a mk 2 Lazair may suffice.
basically i am going to throw as much paper at them as i can.
like we say 'if the paperwork weighs the same as the aircraft you can fly it'.
So can any one help out here thanks in advance.
if it all sounds confusing its because i've never really understood the ever changing system for aviation paperwork. . and i don't think those that created it understand either. ozzie
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