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Postby Chappy » Tue Nov 08, 2005 2:21 pm

rayjb60 @ Nov 7 2005, 04:40 PM wrote: I live 2 miles from the glider/sky dive port, but they do not allow Ultralights, so my Lazair is about 90 miles from home.



That's awful. Years ago I got permission to fly my series 1 at a similar place. I was originally told that I could not use their field, but they finally let me bring it out and set it up for them to check out, and I explained that it was an Ultralight Motorglider. Because they operated tow planes and allowed motorgliders at the field, they allowed me to operate there on a trial basis. After only one day, they gave me permission to fly there whenever I wanted. They actually thought my Lazair was very cool, unlike the couple Ultralights that had previously come into the field.

Maybe you could try what I did. I just keep hanging around, telling everyone how great they were and how neat their operation was. I basically niced them to death, to the point they finally accepted me. The Lazair was the easy thing for them to accept!

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Postby lazairiii » Tue Nov 08, 2005 5:47 pm


Great story! I too had this experience with the local FBO in my town. There had been a group of Ultralighters there that had threatened to sue them if they tried to stop them, so when I showed up it was a hard sell for me to even be there, but after time they accepted me, and of course the Lazair, and now, 20+ years later, I have full access to their shop any time I need it....and the trouble makers are long since gone and forgotten about, but me and the Lazair are still around and have a great relationship with the FBO and local GA's.

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Postby tommyb » Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:35 am

you got to be kidding, i never thought aboput the zenoah line of engines as an option. i just sold a G-38 on ebay. the G-25/6 is readily availible at any hobby shop. and cheap to replace. heck i could keep a new one as a spare.
somebody correct me if i'm thinking of the wrong engines here, its been a long time since i've been in front of a lazair.
but you got to admit the thought of using a R/C model engine aka chainsaw engine would be a great alternative since they are convienent to find.
if thats the case why not i have a nitro (glow) powered engine thats 30cc,it puts out a heck of a lot more hp than the zenoah and its a lot lighter. humm my wheels are turning now i just need my lazair.... some body sell me one please! :D
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Postby rayjb60 » Wed Nov 09, 2005 3:46 pm

I had a talk with the FBO and he said that the previous Ultralighters had spoiled it for his airport because they apparently buzzed peoples homes and generally flew in an irresponsible manner..... that was 20 years ago, since then the city pressured him to ban all ultralights from his field.....and if he let me fly then how would he be able to deny the other ultralighters?

Tom....no leads on a Lazair for sale?

There are a number of Lazairs mothballed at my field, should I try to find out if anyone wants to sell?

Im in Southern California, are you willing to pick it up from here?

How much are you looking to spend?

If you are truly commited to getting one, I can probably help make that happen for you.....just as I did for Chris(RCflyer), he got a great deal for a series II and trailer to boot.

Let me know ASAP as I am going out to the field to fly on Friday, and can do some investigating to see what might be available.

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Postby Billm » Thu Nov 10, 2005 2:52 pm

It sounds like you fly out of Ramona. True?
Nice field
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Postby tommyb » Fri Nov 11, 2005 2:57 pm

asking about what i want to spend is a double edge knife, is it not?
lets say im trying to stay under 5K but the more i spend the more i want. if i can get one that needs gas and i can go obviously its worth a lot more to me. i will be in ca in dec if you line some thing up i will in up by san fran for a week. i could rent a plane and fly down to you.
find out what they have and i'll let you know if im in terested. right now i found 2 in utah that i want but im trying to figure out how to inexpensively get them home. i figure i will have the same issue from ca.
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Postby jb88ci » Wed Nov 16, 2005 1:56 pm

My Boss and I have three Lazairs. One is a series III, one is a series II and the third is a series II converted with factory parts to a series III.

The converted series II is only a weekend away from finish. The series III needs recovering and the series II pancaked on a lake. Needs some major work.

Even if the Lazair never went back into production, replacement parts built on factory jigs would be nice. Ie the tubes that always bend on hard landing etc.

My boss used to be a dealer here in Winnipeg and has hundreds of hours flying them. He's also a high time pilot with thousands of hours in everything from champs, pawnees, to 206's. He says the Lazair is the best flying he's ever done.
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Postby tommyb » Sat Nov 19, 2005 9:02 pm

jb88ci ask your boss if he wants to sell the III please
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Postby LAZAIR 4 EVER » Sat Dec 03, 2005 10:44 pm

HI Guys .
For my part my first LAZAIR was #A-189 C-IEAU and was a serie II that I modified to a wide gear and did fly for probably 50 houres the LAZAIR III I own now, I did buy about ten years ago in Ontario between Toronto and Peterbouroght and only had time to start working on it two years ago. it is #A-910 C-IGPJ the fus has been all acide treated, anodined, painted and reassembled. than working on the wings I have found that they are dissimilar. The rivets used to build the tow wings are different. one 's got regulare rivets and the other has closed bottom alluminum rivets on every points so I want to make them all the same but don't know for sure the kind of rivets I should use. Can't wait to get this Marvel back in the air.
I Have been building home build airplanes full time for others and never had the time to worke on my own plane. That's how it is. But this will change in the coming times!!!!!!
You guys are turning my crank!!!!

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Postby Chappy » Sun Dec 04, 2005 12:44 am


Ultraflight upgraded the aluminum blind rivets over the years. Originally they used the normal hardware store type aluminum POP-Rivets. They used two different lengths, a "short" and a "long". When they upgraded to the much superior AVEX blind rivets, they were able to consolidate the two lengths in just one length, as the AVEX has a wider grip range.

The old style Pop Rivet, when it's pulled, just forms a bulb on the blind side. When the mandrel snaps off, the remaining piece can sometimes fall out as the bulb doesn't always form perfectly. (When you go to remove this style rivet, if you use a small punch and knock out the center plug piece first, then it will be easier to drill them out).

The AVEX rivet acts a little differently. When it is pulled, it first EXPANDS to fill the hole, THEN forms the bulb on the blind side. The mandrel is attached in such a way that it won't be loose and can't fall out. Because it expands to fill the hole, the AVEX is MUCH better than the old style Pop-Rivet for repairs, especially where the hole may be oversized a little, or ovalled out a little.

The AVEX costs several times as much as the Pops (but still pretty cheap), but after you've used them, you'll never want to use the old style rivets again.

I suspect you have Pop-Rivets in one wing, and AVEX in the other. AS long as the Pops are still tight, I sure wouldn't remove them without a reason. They'll be fine. Get some AVEX, and use them for repairs or new construction.

The AVEX's have a different appearance from Pop-Rivets. They have a dull finish, and what looks like a little parting line flash down two sides. This little flash can sometimes make them a little difficult to install in a tight hole, but it also helps keep them from falling out when you're assembling something. Also, the mandrel is molded in, so the rivet is sealed after it is installed, similar to a closed end Pop-rivet.

Aircraft Spruce carries the AVEX's, as do most of the large aircraft suppliers. Other good hardware suppliers also carry them.

http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/h ... indriv.php


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