spares for damaged Laizair in the UK

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Postby flyalaz » Tue Apr 01, 2008 5:57 pm

Thank you. Every positive wish is most welcome.

The pod weighs around 5 pounds, (<2kilos), including all attach hardware. It is a homebrew job that you should be able to fly with.
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Postby mickbroom » Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:10 am

The plane when first used in the UK was approved under the CAA and Section S Which at the present allows for 300Kg zero fuel weight ( single seat) so it can be flown with approval with all the bits you would ever need including floats but the approval system is a challange which is overcome only by the thick, stubborn and patient poeple.
They have now come up with what is known as dereg which it is not because you still need to register the plane and have a noise ticket and so on but if under 115Kg dry weight you can just get on with life and are resposible for your own modifications with no paperwork ( unless you want to sell them ).
This removes the cost and piles of papwork which allows us to go fly.
So 2Kg is a big deal at the moment as all these improvements and extra brackets add up.
One option for the future is to change the engines which will allow bigger props so it would be useful to have some sort of screen then but I will see what the weight is like then.
First I need to get it in the air.
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